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Clubs, Classes and Societies

Ilsington Parish Council

For details of monthly Parish Council and Planning meetings.

Contact Carol Retallick, Parish Clerk

Ilsington Table Tennis

Twiglets Carer and Toddler Group

Moor than fitness Pilates

Tuesdays 1800  – 1900 commencing   12th July  2022

Pilates sessions are open to everyone being a whole body exercise designed to improve daily activity and livelihood. It is a challenging low impact exercise method that improves posture, mobility, flexibility and strength, particularly the deeper core muscles, enhancing sports performance as well as having a positive effect on low mood, injury prevention and pain. Exercises can be tailored to suit all abilities and individual needs.  

For more information contact Carol Wykes on

   tel: 07967122945 or email  

Elderly Woman at Gym

Fitness for Life in Ilsington.

Over 50’s Dance/Fitness Class

Life is so much better when you feel fitter, stronger and have more energy. 

Fun and friendly dance/fitness classes for over 50’s to active 80’s with an emphasis on increased mobility, flexibility, good posture and balance.

Moving to motivating music with expert guidance.

Every Wednesday afternoon from 2pm to 3pm. 

Pay as you attend:   £6.50/session

Contact Emily for more information. 

Mobile:  07500933241

 Email:  Facebook: Fitness for life with Emily

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